SNEAK PEAK: Fabric selection

Besides what you see on the shelves (and the screen) there’s a lot that goes in to the selection and manufacturing process of our products. Usually, you won’t get to hear or see any of that, but we want you to be a part of it! One of the processes involved is fabric selection. First we take a visit to our supplier, flick through and select from a variety of colour pallets and make a decision dependent on the season, what consumers like and of course…what looks good!

Obviously what looks good is a big part of the selection process, however it’s not always the most important. As with anything we do at Hermano, we have to be careful and mindful of both the colours and fabrics that are relevant to season, style and practicality. Now, given that its currently AW18 and we’re planning ahead, I’ll let you take a guess at what we’re planning for next.

Now that the selection is done, we have to get down to the ordering and manufacturing process. Given we’ve picked the best suited and on point fabrics we can (and always do, of course) we then send our choices off to lab dips where the vision turns to reality, and all that’s left to do is order bulk!

For more Hermano secrets follow this blog and stay posted with the latest from us to you!



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