Hands down, we’ve got the waviest customers. And if you didn’t know, now you do. Eliza and The Bear are an indie band from London, and they chose us for their recent tour.

From 22/10/18 to 26/10/18 you could catch our iconic print shirts on stage in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London rocking out with this trendy lot. Martin and James (pictured above) chose our White/Gold Hermano Snake shirt (left) and our Black/Gold Bee shirt (right) and told us recently exactly why they chose us as their garms of choice:

“We’ve been into Hermano since they started, their prints and bold designs are a bit of us, we think they suit our look.”

“It’s important we look good on stage, and wearing something that’s, at least reasonably, comfortable is a bonus. Hermano shirts look cool enough, and they’re definitely comfortable. So it’s a win-win for us.”

Not only are we proud of Eliza and The Bear for putting on one hell of a show, we’re proud that we could be a part of their epic journey. We pride ourselves on being accessible to everyone, and it continues to make us happy when we see our Hermanos in our precious designs. Remember, when you’re wearing Hermano, make sure to tag us or use the hashtag #HermanoHQ so we can have a look!


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