BLACK FRIDAY x AW18…it’s a secret!

Seeing as it’s nearly time, and we care about giving you the heads up, we’ll let you in on a little secret…We’ve got new bits.

But we can’t give them to you that easy.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come, but to be first in line to see the full thing you’ll have to do something for us! It’s easy- just sign up to email updates via our website and you’re guarantee’d to stay up to date with the very latest in Hermano.


But that’s not all!

Exciting, we know. Not only do we have a whole collection of new exciting products on the way for you, we’ve got some crazy Black Friday deals coming too! If you do sign up, you’ll be entered in our BIGGEST giveaway to date, and we’re talking 4 figures.

Next week we’ll be posting loads about what’s on offer, where to go and what to do to get your hands on all that we’ve got to give. It’s all in more detail on our mailer and Instagram.

Stay ready,



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