Snakes, Sleeves and Tigers: A Hermano Jungle

It’s started! After a short delay, we’ve managed to begin filtering our latest drops to you guys. We’ve had so many messages and requests for various items to drop, and we’re so glad we can finally start giving you them.



This week’s drop was voted in by favourable demand and unfavourable weather…long sleeves are a must. We decided to involve some of our most iconic prints in Snake and Tiger, and they’re going down great! So thank you, for all of your orders!

Moving into the new year we’re looking to release a whole load of new product- some stuff you’ve seen before and some that you never even knew existed….until now.

But it’d be too easy to give you a few images and ruin the surprise, so just take this as a warning; we’ve got some bangers!

Think tape…

Think sleeves…

Think outerwear…

Think… New and improved!

And that’s all we’re giving away. Make sure you stay tuned in to our social media channels for all the latest drops, and sign up for email updated of all things Hermano to be first in line!



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