The Same But Different: HMNOxBARCA

As you’ve all seen, heard and been a part of we spent last week in Barcelona, shooting something very exciting that we can’t wait to share the full extent with you all.

…But we can’t just yet. So in the mean time here’s a flavour of what we were getting up to in the week. We wanted to shine a new light on existing products- including some Best Sellers and brand new styles!

Effortlessly everyday-wear, our existing styles were brought to life in a variety of inspired locations. We wanted to capture the contemporary aesthetic of Barcelona whilst celebrating the heritage and authenticity of its architecture.

Simply designed Tees with new typography adds a fresh look to your under layer, or worn individually makes your upper half pop. Translating to ‘Brother’ in Spanish, our new styles look perfectly at home in the city.

We’ve also changed up our shapes- we’ve introduced new silhouettes and cuts you’ve never seen before. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be big.







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