Talking with Jayden: TOWIE, Sports and Future Opportunities

This week we spoke to TOWIE’s Jayden Beales, addressing everything from reality TV to sports journalism and his favourite Hermano AW19 products. We hit up a local cafe and got talking about perspective, platforms of opportunity and interests in fashion. Here’s a few questions we asked Jayden:

What’s your dream job?

“I’m quite into fashion, I take pride in my appearance and draw inspiration from people I know that have gone on to create their own brands. Pete (Wicks), Jake (Hall) and Tommy (Mallet) have all done such great things with their interests in fashion and it would be great to do something similar. I’ve got the best opportunity to try and create something like that and I want to think further than just what I’m doing now. I’m always thinking, sometimes too much, about what I want to do and how I want my life to pan out so I’d be silly not to follow something that I love.”

What brought Hermano to your attention?

“I really like the clothes. I was invited to the launch of Hermano in Topman last week and I was impressed at how nice the shirts looked, especially styled up on the night. I think the new stuff coming for AW19 is really cool and SS20 even better. Pete and the team have done a great job.”

What’s your favourite product?

“I love the bombers. I think bombers are sick anyway and some of the designs are even better. There’s one coming out in next month that’s my favourite, but out of the current bits it’d have to be the hamsa shirt. I could wear it during the day but on a night out too, it suits my style and it’s a touch because it goes with my hair!”

Where would you start with your career in fashion and what inspires you?

“That’s a tough one. I’ve still got a lot of thinking to do but I would like to create something for myself, maybe a brand. I just think at the minute I’m trying to build a name for myself so that I can do something positive and have a good impact doing what I love. I’m really lucky as well- I’m surrounded by people that I can take tips from and I want to be seen to be doing the right things, not just going out all the time which some people might think about TOWIE. I want to build for the long run. It’s about longevity not just what’s going on right now.”

If not fashion, what else would you do?

“There’s a couple. I’ve always been keen on sports journalism- I’ve got a real passion for football and enjoy watching all kinds of levels, whether its lower league or the top. I’ve still got articles written now of when I used to watch RB Leipzig in the lower leagues and knew they’d get to the top. I’d submitted articles but no-one got back to me, I was gutted but it was them that missed a trick!”





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